This weekend's smoked pork loin special was calling for red wine, but the heat & humidity weren't conducive to a big Amador Zin or Barossa Shiraz. So our off-the-wall choice this weekend was:

Valckenberg "Undone" Pinot Noir, Bingen am Rhein (Rheinhessen), Germany, 2008

Yes, a German Pinot Noir. This wine is un-oaked, allowing the pure fruit flavor to shine through. Very smooth & aromatic. Lots of berry & plum with a dash of herbs on the finish, plus enough acidity to make it incredibly food friendly. Very pleasant, uncomplicated & easy-going with a ridiculously low price to boot. Valckenberg even kept it simple for the English-speaking market by calling it Pinot Noir instead of Spätburgunder!


Undone Pinot Noir Wine Label